Less than 2 years ago, my niece Julia who was 13 at the time, was diagnosed with type 1 diabetes at Children’s Hospital in Birmingham, Alabama.  And through all the hardships this brings, injections, preplanning EVERYTHING and having to grow up much faster than anyone should, she’s held her head high, managing this disease with grace, strength, and courage.

On April 22nd, I’ll be walking with Julias’ Heroes in the JDRF – One Walk team.  Through JDRF we are hoping to help find a cure and other advances to make living with T1D easier to some degree.  If you are local to Huntsville, AL, I urge you to join us and walk beside us on the 22nd.  It will be 5k (roughly 3 miles).  If you can’t, PLEASE, consider donating your money and/or your social presence by passing on this information.


Also, to promote this and try to smash our team goal, I will be live streaming and gaming the weekend before on April 15th.  So please come out and support JDRF and watch some fun gaming!  Hopefully, I can get some friends from the Go Kart Brothers, The Shaft, On Smite, Control Point and Choke Point to join us!  Planning on starting at 12 noon central, and going to ATLEAST Midnight, with some extra if we’re still raising money.

We will be streaming on multiple platforms via restream.io, but our main chat will be located at: https://www.twitch.tv/LargeMargeGaming

So, join Julia’s Heroes today, and become a true HERO!



Gamewisp has supported the stream with social media push.

http://www.hirezstudios.com/ Who has graciously donated quite a few codes for their games which we will give away during the stream!

Be sure to Download their Free-To-Play Games  SMITE  &  PALADINS – we will be playing both during the stream with viewers.

Creeper.Host has donated a server that we will be using to play Minecraft on!  Everyone who donates will have access to the server for the duration of the event!

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