If you know me, then you know I like to come up with new ideas.   Here’s a few, and if you’re interested in partnering with me to move them forward, then just let me know:

Stampendo:  This is kinda a failure.  It was based off the old self, addressed stamped envelope things I grew up with.  Stickers, gadgets and newsletters, were all free with just a stamp and an envelope.  But who wants to go through the hassle to mail anything.  Well, I guest stampendo does!

Box in a Box, BOX: The monthly box subscription service for a random monthly box subscription.  It’s all the craze these days, get a box, with stuff in it.  Why only pick one when there are dozens if not hundreds of box subscriptions now.  Get a different one every  month from us!

PMS, SOS: Another monthly subscription idea.  For ladies, get monthly items to help get you through.  A book, items to pamper yourself, and of course chocolate!