I’m working on a new podcast.   And I’m going to take my on advice.  Talk about what you know, and what you are passionate about.  Well, That would be Podcasting.  I’ve been doing it for over 10 years now.  Good shows, bad shows.  Learned so much, the hard way.  I really feel as though I have a ton of information to share, and I want to share it. I’m going to do this right though because I want it to be around until the end of podcasting. It won’t be tomorrow.  But it will be as soon as feasibly possible.  First, the JDRF event.  IRead More →

We recorded another episode of Go Kart Brothers last Friday. It’s was delayed in release a bit due to real life stuff happenings, and more stuff the week before which caused the previous episode to be delayed as well. Which means, I didn’t want to drop both episodes at the same time. So here ya go! Thanks to Shannon, you have the latest episode, which I had forgotten to release as well! So Thank you, Shannon! If you want to know more about the Go Kart Brothers, head over to the website and see all that is GKB. Bunches of content from Conventions, Movie Reviews,Read More →