Return to Heroes of the Storm, 2.0

I’ve been boning up on some Heroes of the Storm with the 2.0 update.  I haven’t played in a long time, so might as well consider me a complete newbie.   I want to start putting more games on youtube,  so, let me know if you enjoy the HotS!

Love with Food

Periodically, I’m going to post about some service I use and enjoy.  Usually with an affiliate link.  I assure you that if I’m posting about it here, then I like it and not just trying to foist some crappy service on you just to make $5. Love with Food is one such service.   I’ve […]

Let’s Get Happy

I’m a pretty happy guy.  I don’t have much to complain about.  I have an incredible wife.  2 Incredible kids.  A great job at a company I love working for.  But this talk did resonate with me a bit and I thought it would be fun to try this challenge.  Feel free to join in […]

FREE Stocks!

If you’ve spent any time following me or talking to me, you know I love a good deal.  Freebies.  Giveaways.  Samples.  Coupons.  All that stuff, and I’m going to be posting these things here for you to enjoy as well.  Which brings me to something I haven’t seen before.  Free Stocks!  I just got mine, […]

Podcast on Podcasting

I’m working on a new podcast.   And I’m going to take my on advice.  Talk about what you know, and what you are passionate about.  Well, That would be Podcasting.  I’ve been doing it for over 10 years now.  Good shows, bad shows.  Learned so much, the hard way.  I really feel as though […]

Go Kart Brothers, Episode 26

[embedyt][/embedyt] We recorded another episode of Go Kart Brothers last Friday. It’s was delayed in release a bit due to real life stuff happenings, and more stuff the week before which caused the previous episode to be delayed as well. Which means, I didn’t want to drop both episodes at the same time. So […]

JDRF One Walk, One Stream!

Less than 2 years ago, my niece Julia who was 13 at the time, was diagnosed with type 1 diabetes at Children’s Hospital in Birmingham, Alabama.  And through all the hardships this brings, injections, preplanning EVERYTHING and having to grow up much faster than anyone should, she’s held her head high, managing this disease with […]